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Today's leader is expected to build and sustain teams that create innovative solutions to anticipate customers' future needs while creating great value for all stakeholders. This means that leaders need to attract and retain young, talented and dynamic people while creating a conducive environment for Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Growth.

Chico's Innovators helps leaders design and implement a culture, strategies and business models that foster Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Excellence within their organizations, while inspiring trust, confidence and loyalty within their teams.


Investing in the future means investing in Daring, Innovative and Visionary entrepreneurs. By leveraging on The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Network), and other elite entrepreneurship networks, Chico's Innovators identifies, incubates and invests in the most promising and outstanding social and business innovators in Africa.

The Investment thesis is solely focused on high scale and high impact social and business innovations that leverage Mobile Technology to improve the livelihoods and businesses of millions of people across the continent.


One of the greatest setbacks to mankind globally, is the lack the self-confidence and creativity to seize the opportunities that exist in their environment. Chico's Innovators Media is an online mobile media network with a vision to catalyze a culture of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Excellence in Leadership and across Africa.

Chico's Innovators Media inspires people to develop an innovative and bold outlook towards their own growth and that of their companies and communities. Thus enabling them to actively contribute to the improvement of mankind.



One of Africa's most Daring and Visionary Entrepreneurs of his generation, Amadou strives to engage and inspire Africa’s current and future leaders to live purposefully while offering sustainable and human centered solutions to the people and communities they serve. He has a successful track record of innovation and impact across the African continent, having started the Vathaba, first Agrotourism retreat in Guinea, launched Dare To Innovate –a pan African Social entrepreneurship movement, been awarded as a Mandela Washington YALI Fellow by the President Barrack Obama, while coaching, mentoring and inspiring social entrepreneurs across the globe. Chico’s ultimate goal is to enable more than 1 billion people to earn an extra dollar a day, everyday, and primarily women. Currently the Representative of The Guinean Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts in Kenya, an Angel Investor and Lead Business & Entrepreneurship Trainer at the YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Center in Nairobi, Chico is actively promoting Intra African trade and transfer of knowledge and technology between entrepreneurs and governments across Africa. He is a provocative and inspiring public speaker and a growth catalyst. Expert in business model innovation, creative leadership & design thinking.



We met at Nailab last year where you gave an inspiring talk. I've been selected for Mandela Washington Fellow 2016. Thank you, your presentation influenced my decision in a big way. Thank you again.

Peter Mumo

Engineer, Sustainable Business Developer, Entrepreneur.
The good news is that we will for sure keep in touch and rewrite the African narratives. If and when you come to Addis, kindly let me know. Finally, thank you very much for your great leadership and the wonderful time we had together. Stay blessed and continue impacting Africa!

Elias Teshome

Just want to say a big thank you for taking time to take us through the Business and Entrepreneurship course. I learnt a lot and i'm already implementing what you taught us. Thanks again,

Irene Ayugi


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