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About Amadou Chico

Amadou Chico Sissoko

One of Africa’s most Daring Social & Business Innovators of his generation, Innovation Man strives to engage and inspire social, business and political leaders to live a purposeful life while offering innovative and quality solutions, policies, products and services to the people and communities they serve. He has a successful track record of innovation and impact across the African continent, having started the Vathaba,first Agrotourism retreat in Guinea, launched Dare To Innovate –a pan African Social entrepreneurship movement, been awarded as a Mandela Washington YALI Fellow by the President Barrack Obama, while coaching, mentoring and inspiring social entrepreneurs across Africa. Chico’s ultimate goal is to enable more than 1 billion people to earn an extra dollar a day, everyday, and primarily women. He is a provocative and inspiring public speaker and an expert in human development, social entrepreneurship, business model innovation, creativity & design thinking

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